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It's Anything But Oridinary. Pisces and a Gemini

It's Anything But Oridinary. Pisces and a Gemini

It's quite a story. Therefore, I need to tell you from the beginning. I suppose It started in 2005 because that is when I met this Gemini. We were 13/14. My best friend was very much in love with him/ obsessed with him. I used to laugh whenever she'd run after him. She was so overwhelming and I know from experience, Gemini's value their space. My best friend didn't understand why this Gemini did not want to be with her. We didn't talk much to begin with. I wouldn't even really consider us friends because when did talk - It was about my best friend. I remember in class we'd push each other and crack jokes - but I never thought anything of It. Again, This was my best friend's apparent dream guy. When we graduated from middle school - we all lost touch. My best friend had moved away and this Gemini and I lost our core conversation. In high school he claims he tried to talk to me in school but I'd walk right passed him. I got involved with another guy and ended up going to another school. Me and Gemini did not talk for ...*counts* 3 years? It turned out he got involved with a girl and they were together for a long time. I recall getting a myspace add from him (just because he was on my myspace doesn't mean we talked so) - he seemed so happy. Therefore, I was happy for him. It's weird because we were never that close. Anyway, Getting closer to present day. Early 2010 - I was dating a guy I met in college and Gemini facebooked me randomly "What's that you are kissing in your photo?". I chuckled. He really knew how to start up a conversation. Note- I eventually broke It off with my current bf at the time because It didn't feel compatible. Especially when he told me he loved me after a month? I only knew the guy for maybe 3. Me and Gemini talked on the phone for the first time since middle school and we hit It off. Being a pisces..It's really not hard for me to fall for his Gemini charm. He's a natural sweet talker and sometimes he misleads people. On that note - we stopped talking when I started developing strong feelings for him. He told me he didn't want a relationship and I have a bad habit for taking things skin deep. This has happened a few times to us - but one of us always comes around with an apology or at least a "how are you?". Last time was probably the worst fight ever and I swore we'd never talk again. I started talking to a few other people since then and It's weird - I feel hella pressured by any man trying to have me settle down in a relationship. It got me thinking about my Gemini. I started to see things from his view too. I was pressuring him into something he wasn't ready for. Me and this Gemini never had a chance to develope that strong friendship base - and that's what we are doing now. This is why It is anything but ordinary - I haven't seen this guy in person since middle school (we use webcam and the internet to communicate). We live 20 minutes away from each other. We both know what would happen If we saw each other. We also both enjoy our space. I've found the best times between us is when we don't talk everyday. I believe It scares us both. Commitment, that is. I've always imagined my lover to be my best friend; and we both firmly agree on this. I won't even lie. Me and this guy are weird, but we sort of make It work for us. I'm not completely sure where me and this guy will end up or If we'd end up at all. I can tell you what I hope but I really have no idea. The thrill of being with this Gemini is never knowing. I just know between all the fights/awful things we have said - we end up still wanting to be a part of each others lives.
Aero1992 Aero1992 18-21, F 1 Response Jan 7, 2012

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love your story **** HUG ***** me too am a Piscean Gal with a Gemini Guy xoxo Love of my life> yes it is a little extraordinary and thats why its unique right, feeling like the perfect balance - - luck in love x