Another Story of Failure

I spent about a year trying to become close to a girl I thought was perfect.

We have a lot in common -- and with an oddball like me, that takes quite a bit of doing.

We have similar politics.

We have similar hobbies.

We read similar books.

We have similar tastes in food and music.

We had a few dates over the course of a six-week period.  First time I had really been in any sort of even quasi-relationship.  Things went great.  We went on one date that lasted nine hours -- restaurant, another restaurant, walk, bar.

Then I didn't hear from her for several months.

Then we had a few more dates.  I spent far more than I should have, but we had a wonderful time -- I know I did, I thought she did.

Then she stopped returning my calls.  I have absolutely no idea why.

Another reason I'm a worthless failure, I suppose.

azurewing1 azurewing1
22-25, M
Mar 16, 2009