I'm Useful To Her

So there is this girl, she's my ex-girlfriend, but we are still good friends. The thing is: I think I'm in love with her, but she's not sure about me, and she's very flighty, she has had 8 boyfriends this year (3 months!!!) and keeps me around (this is how I personally feel) because i am useful to her. I'm smart, strong-willed, good with animals, very kind and eager to help others at any cost, she is kinda smart, weak willed, an animal shower in the county fair, and very needed psychologically. I have basically kept her mentally stable for 3 years but she does not think of me as any more than a good friend, even though I have seen her completely naked and she has seen me. She claims that this is because she doesn't want to break up and lose such a great friend, but i dont know, can any women out there help me out with this?

SkarRavell SkarRavell
22-25, M
Mar 10, 2010