I'm a girl, and I'm in love with my best friend's other best friend. My best friend is a girl and we tell each other almost everything. We've been best friends since like 3rd grade (5-6 years) but she's been best friends with her other best friend, which is a guy, for 10 years. They're so close and they tell each other everything. She and I have had our ups and downs and she has sort of betrayed me before, but I still kind of like her. Anyways, as time flew by, I got a crush on her guy best friend (the one she has known for 10 years) but he doesn't like me back. As soon as he got the message that I liked him which was really obvious because I'm really bad at hiding my feelings, he started taking different directions to school to try and stay away from me. He watches me from a distance which is really creepy, and does his best to stay as far as way as possible from me. I talked to my best friend about the whole thing and I think she's kind of jealous that I have feelings for him but she denies it every time I ask if she is. She and I wereused to talking every single day but now we barely text each other after what happened, and when I ask her why she ignores/replies late to my texts, she always says she's busy and it's weird because she was never that busy before I started having a crush on him. It's not my fault that I like him. My heart always chooses the wrong people and I just can't control it, so I end up heart-broken.. Plus, I think I also kind of feel jealous that she's so close to him.. or is it just anger because she's betrayed me before and now she's ignoring me?
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Aug 17, 2014