Love Him

Met him on Skype... after a few tries from him to strike a conversation... I replied and it all started from there... Now, we are in constant communication for 1 yr and 3 months already and getting stronger. We've shared intimate moments on the net already. The feeling is deep and both hoping to see each other soon. But I can only hope and wish for beautiful things but at the end of the day... only the future knows...

He made me love again after a bad previous relationship and this time around I wish it be for keeps.

A little complicated because he has kids from a previous relationship and I have 1 too from my previous but then again... I wish for the best and that fate guides us to where we are both best destined.

All I know is I love him and I feel that it's reciprocated by way of concern, constant communication, loving words...

Sometimes, one can't help but question... why? why? why? so many questions and you end up with a sigh....

Anyway, the feeling I have now makes my day brighter each time, it makes me wake up in the morning with a smile and unexplainable feeling deep in my heart... God, if this is meant to be... let it be....

Love him with all my heart.

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Hi there. So what happened finally ?
Hope it went well for you and you are happy !
I am an Indian guy in love with an American woman.

I met my Indian friend on Craigslist two months ago. He is one of the nicest men I have ever met. Indian men are smart, loving, and sweet. I wish you and your South Asian lover the best.

Thanks for commenting LeaningTree and have added you to my circle of friends... You are the first to start a list actually... All the best to you too....

All the best to you.