Latin Girl With An Indian Guy

We met on ibibo.... i donk know how i find that socail net, but it was worth... he is from India but he lives  in New Zealand for work and studies, so we talked then we share fb id... we started to talk everytime we were on line.... with the time we share skipe id... we used to talk everyday, and little by title i liked him very much, he asked me for my home phone and now we talk almost everyday... we like each other (well its more than a like) everytime we talk on the internet the time flies..... we are always in touch and he wants to come to my country on december... coments please

Fannyta Fannyta
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4 Responses Mar 13, 2010

He'll come and **** you hard ! (Stars means Love) ;-)

hope this worked out fine

How are things going with him?

CONGRATULATIONS ON UR WEDDING..!!..haha..wot else to comment...:):)