Somebody Elses Man

i fell in love with this gurl man in when he took her back i wass so hurt in fustratrated cause he told me he love me in he care about me but ofcourse it wass all lies in games i couldnt understand why he would take her back if he wasnt happy but they had a child so he felt it wass his responsiblity to be there for him in for her i was so young in foolish i regret the day i met him because he had me in love with him but he didnt love me back i wass sad but i should of known better
prettyfacekk prettyfacekk
26-30, F
2 Responses Apr 6, 2012

Me too. it sucks.

men like that are bad news. For all u know he doesnt even love the other girl he is with. Men like that can only love one person, that is themselves! u should feel lucky he left, go out there and find yourself someone better, thre are real good people out there. it will take time, but when u finally find him, it will be worth it. i can imagine u feel lonely, but one day, u will not be anymore, one day u will find someone who is really good for u