I was in love with someone I couldn't have. Everyday it killed me. Almost every day I had to see his face, his handsome face. His hazel eyes, that perfect smile and that sexy little bit of stubble on his chin. I was in pieces as I wrote this. I wanted him so much, I needed him so much. He was my whole world and everything in it. There were times when I thought that he might have felt the same, when that glance lingers just a moment too long. The over friendly hug after an especially hard lesson teaching. When he brushed past me so closely I would get goosebumps even when there was plenty of room. When, I could go on foever about things that seemed so major to me but were just friendliness and pure coincidence. Sadly I knew I could not act upon my feelings. He was an older man, married, with two gorgeous children.
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I was you four months ago. I was pining away for the amazing man at work who also happened to be married. I just thought it was me until our social group started doing a lot more together and suddenly we were around each other all the time. One night after a group dinner out he grabbed me by the hands and pulled me aside and started by saying "you are so beautiful." He then poured out his heart and all the feelings that matched mine. It was wonderful to think this incredible person felt about me how I felt about him. Now we are in this amazing but treacherous affair. He is absolutely wonderful but still married and with no intentions of leaving his wife. We have broken it off over and over to just run right back to each other. He may be the love of your life, but be careful. I honestly can't tell you to run away because I can't say I would have, even knowing where I would be right now. It's very hard being the other woman. Believe me, I thought wanting him and longing for him thinking the feelings were one-sided was tough. I know he loves me but it could end for good tomorrow. Be careful, but in the meantime there is nothing wrong with enjoying being around him and knowing such amazing men do exist.

Keep us updated!

Well its pretty complicated but we were together as his wife had an affair and got pregnant by another man and so kicked him out so she could live with the baby's father. Then they were getting divorced but then all if a sudden she wanted him back and he went running back to her. It was amazing while it lasted but then i suppose all good things come to an end. I hope you have better luck than me.

Wow, I am so sorry! I read the date wrong or got it mixed up with another story and thought you posted this today! Still, I can't believe all that happened and he still went back. How are you doing now? When did all this take place?

Not that long a few weeks I guess but deep down I think I always knew if would happen like that. He was never truly mine. I'm doing okay thanks for asking, moving on quickly as I don't like to think negatively, also because staffroom meetings could be a big awkward from now on so moving on will help there as well!!

I guess this is all still pretty fresh for you but I am glad if you are able to cope and be positive. I wish you the best. Keep this updated to let us know how you are doing.


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You can have him mistymoo...You have more control over this than you think...lingering eye contact and "little" things are major...God Bless You mistymoo

thank you