Please God, Make The Pain Go Away

I have been praying more than i ever did lately and even wept while i pray to let him go because my love for him has brought me nothing but grief.
only to dream about him , being so ( intimate) , i still remember how he felt , his warmth and breaths on my face,
after that we were cuddling , but it seemed he was absent minded, i came closer and i was touching his face and looking into his eyes , but he said nothing,.
this dream made things worse for me even when it made me feel good, not like it was a wet dream, because it made me miss him even more and make the pain more intense.

I long for him more than ever , I wish it would Stop
lonesomedove80 lonesomedove80
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5 Responses Jul 12, 2010

How many times I`ve said this prayer how many nights. I tried to hate him, but ended with the same love..I have nowhere to run away from those feelings. I have to accept that it`s a part of me..and like noname22 said, maybe the pain will get less with time. God bless you!

i just say what i believe..may be in your case it will be different. yes with years pain will be less but when no one knows , but for me i am sure never it will pass it willl be my love and pain forever. hope its not your case

then i must be cursed, to love someone i can never have and always will love , to endure such a pain for the rest of my life.<br />
whatever i have done in my past, it must be very bad.i hope god will forgive.and ease my pain.

u are not alone.,,,i know how its hard, it will never pass, but with time..with years will not be so hard will become less....but how to live these years....

*really tight hug* I'm sorry for that.. I know that dreams when u see such things can make us realyl emotional... I wish u were with him and he would say sometinhg nice to you in tha tmoment