(the Old Us)


Posted April 9th, 2009 at 11:35PM
I can't think of a day that passed without thinking of him and what we had
of our long  wonderful conversations we had late at night
when all were asleep
despite the long distance, the big time zone difference between us
those nights made me feel like we were in other dimension
in a world that only the two of us existed , sitting next to each other and watching the world from a distance
I still feel his presence
I still remember everything we said
his words still encraved in my heart and soul
all the things i wanted to say to him
He said them to me
I remember the night when he was in pain feeling lonely and depressed and having bad dreams .
telling me he was about to burst
although i was about going to bed but i stayed up for him
I couldn't leave him when he needed me the most
I couldn't stand the thought he was in distress

So i stayed up to be with him
Until he said he had  to go to bed...
I wished then that i am there physically
So i can hold him and cup his head , and tell him that he should have no fear as long as i am there for him and i would take away his pain
The thought of it breaks my heart and makes me feel helpless

that night Had a strange feeling and it was so clear that i was born to be with him , to make him feel loved and happy.

knowing how crazy it sounds , but this feeling is getting stronger as i speak

he said before he is about to leave( I miss the old us)
and i replied that i do as well

he meant by that because of the bad things that happened that ruined what we had and how bitter i have become because of it
But still, i do miss the those times when old days were better

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1 Response Sep 6, 2011

thank you for sharing this story... many of us somehow experienced similar moments, where we almost poured all the love in our hearts, though we may know that the whole thing has little or no chance of materializing in any positive way... but we still wanted to release much of these emotions stored in our hearts... interesting story... hope you find your real love soon... :)