Reason Why I Loved You

bceause you were the only one who knew that I love him even when i didnt have to say it, i say it my my family and they say i dont mean it and i never loved them,. everytime they say that i remember you , i remember you you keep teasing me because i hide my feelings and never tell you that i really love you and telling me that you know that i do even when i never say it.
its sad that your own family take your words lightly and even dont believe you love them, and someone you never met know how you feel for them . 
its sad though that my love for you made you hide things for me and made you feel guilty like you are cheating on me being with other girls. 
its sad that my love for you now is nothing more than a burden , perhaps because you cant have me because i am muslim , or because you cant love me the same way anymore.

what a shame that loving someone can be either not accepted or taken as a burden.
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3 Responses Sep 15, 2011

I relating to your situation. even this is old..

well all i can say is your right on love sometimes is too much and a little too late.

Wow.if someone urgue with me like this