What Could This Year Bring For Us

I had an urge to wish you happy new year , it's not easy holding myself Back from writing to you , I just wonder if you still remember ,e at all , then it it would be quite a shame if I sent you an email while you already have forgotten me .
I wish I get over you and stop thinking of you , I wish I move on with my life and learn I can be loved truly and love him the same way and always be there for me , I hope I will stop expecting you to email me again and learn that you really never loved me as I thought .
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3 Responses Jan 1, 2012

well he was always in relationships since we started talking in 2002, means he never loved me , he just liked talking to me and all the things he said about love and marriage just so i can show him my picture.<br />
you cant be with someone if you are in love with another , only if you actually dont love them.<br />
i just cant let him go, and everything i see reminds me of him.<br />
<br />
I feel worthless because i couldnt move on when he always been with someone else .

Just cuz he hasn't written you doesn't mean he never loved you. He once did, and still cares, he just isn't IN love with you. He will never forget you. Trust me. He's just moved on is all, it doesn't mean your good times weren't still good.

your story is so true and from heart.I hope you will get back reply and learn that he really loved you as u thought