Endless Crush

I met a man on the internet 5 years ago. He really made me laugh and in his picture he looked quite cute. But it was his sense of humour that really aroused my interest. We chatted for a bit online and texted but nothing went further. I have thought about him every day since. I imagine us in a relationship. I know he now has a gf. In fact I know a lot about him. I found out where he lived, where his business premises were and where he plays sport. Im ashamed to say I stalked him quite regularly. Driving passed his house and business. I also went to watch him play sport. We have never met so he hadnt a clue who I was. I managed to get this element under control. I regularly search the internet for sports reports and any up to dat info. He is quite well known in his area and is active in the community so there are always bits and
pieces about him in the news. Anyone else suffering something similar?
SaraBetty SaraBetty
36-40, F
Sep 16, 2012