I am in love with a man I never met

it's hard to know that yeah he loves me but not in that way

I'll never get to meet him

I'll never get to see his gorgeous brown eyes

or his so many tattoos

he's someone else's now

I gave him up

I watched him laugh

and fail at dancing

his voice that sends shivers up my spine

I miss the way he laughs

and talks

and walks

but even still

I see him everywhere

it seems like everybody loves him now

i remember there was a time

when people would make fun of him

and say he's ugly

and I would get so overprotective

I would tell them you're ugly

and later on start crying at home

I would tell him about it

but he never says anything

I'd do anything for him

to meet him

i am still in love with him

forever and always

i love you zayn malik
xriiccii xriiccii
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 26, 2014

Was he your cyber lover

Was he a cyber locp