I Feel Like We Connect

...like I hve never actually connected with any other man. I long to meet him. He suggests it fronm time to time and I think he may actually do it if I would. I just could never do it. He is married. I am not and will never be that kind of woman. I agree that it is not much different...we are awfully close to having an emotional affair. I love him I have no doubt about that...but he loves his wife and kids and I would just be a distraction. I won't put myself into a position where all I can ever be is in love with a married man. Meeting would only deepen the connection for me.

It is amazing though how deeply connected you can get by simply talking.

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I can so relate. I am in a similar position, this man and I have been talking for months, we connect on so many levels but we have yet to meet. The difference is he is not married, but circumstance under which we met. I love him and he loves me but the pretext we met under prevents us from meeting or ever having a normal relationship. So I must settle for emails, texts and phone calls because I have to have him on my life one way or the other. We even went to far as to swap photos. But that's as close as we will ever get to seeing each others face.

don t get closer to him. trust!!!! he has wife and children. he has nothing to offer. maybe he just wants sex and will tell you the sweet words. don t listen to him and keep your eyes open and see his actions. don t waste your time on someone unavailable, you will get hurt eventually. now if he is a good man then he has to work on his marriage or leave it if he is not happy. but dont lower your standards for a man. trust me

so we make the kids miserable so they can be happy? how thoughtful and considerate !!!<br />
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she is wiser than to let that happen , and infidelty was never right even if they love each other as long as they belong to other people

believer80,<br />
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You said, "real men grow beards" insinuating men without beards aren't real men. It was by this statement that I was jokingly questioning your judgment. That was an attempt at a bit of humor to lighten up the mood.<br />
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You also said, "true love is to see them happy even if it means being with someone else", insinuating that they are happy where they are. That's when I threw forth the question, "Isn't happiness relative?" <br />
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See, you first need to know the background of a situation before being able to understand it completely. Maybe that person isn't happy where they are. And maybe they WOULD be happy with nurseonthego. Those are the variables missing in your equation. But there are kids involved if I understand correctly, so that would be yet another variable weighting your side of the argument.

TM2PLA<br />
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in what way your comment is related to the subject?

WOW .. this clearly says that LOVE is not subjected to any thing or any person .. in this case with out another persons physical presence without even seeing him you can fall in love with that person .. this clearly says LOVE is just one of our natural quality.. we can be in love 24/7 with out having any thing or person as an oppositel .. if we can be this way .. we would be in love with every being we come in contact with .. its truly amazing and beautiful .. becoming an eternal lover .. any ways i feel this life it self is a cosmic love affair.. :-) <br />
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check out my blog on sexuality and divine .. coze i feel these days Love is like "open sesame" with out this i love you nothing opens up in the other end .. with out i love you or all that emotional drama sex would look filthy so i love you .. hahaha

I feel you are quite brave in denying your heart's desire, I have had an inkling of that myself. My former marriage was an unhappy one, & I met a woman on the job. She was married, I was married but yet our hearts ignored that fact & I will say there was a certain amount heartfelt pain. And both of us refused to be a home wrecker, & so all we would do was long for each other & try to not make it so obvious at the workplace. I quit this job so to end our suffering for the most part, & then I went home to my wife & my personal hell hole.

happiness at the cost of whos unhappiness!...how can you love someone youve never met...get a life

Believer80,<br />
What do you know, you think only real men grow beards. Isn't that a bit shallow? Just kidding... You may or may not be right in this situation... Not the beard thing, that's just silly Isn't happiness relative? I know truth isn't...but happiness?

Dear, I know how you feel, but when you truly love someone , and you know he belongs to another, you shouldnt be in the way even if he has feelings for you. dont be a a home wrecker, you sure dont want be the other woman . for his sake, let him go. dont make what you already have turn into something ugly , something that will cost the happiness of his family .<br />
a love that is on the expence of other people's grief. will turn into a curse<br />
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you are wiser than to let that happen . true love is to see them happy even if it means being with soemone else

Oh you know when he could've met you. And to your credit, you stopped it. He traveled many miles to visit your home state for a certain event. But he really wanted to meet you there for dinner, dancing, a glass of wine, a negra madello, a kiss, a bit of crazy, a lot of crazy, a night of two as one...