Thanks to the Box!

It usually starts as a simple interaction.  Sometimes "friendships" are formed and they "spill" into "real life."  

Then there is that *one* time....for a million different reasons, something is different, there is something that pulls you to that person, call it whatever you want to call it, but there is no denying it, is there.

The conversations get longer, more intense and before you know it, you are sharing your most painful experiences and all your hopes and dreams with "a total stranger." Out of no where, something grows and it is very powerful even though the "physical connection" is not've never laid eyes on this person....but you find yourself suddenly in love!

As if by magic, everything looks brighter, the world is a better place just by knowing that somewhere out there, in a different time zone, in a different country...there is someone capable of making you feel like you thought you could never feel again.

Many people are skeptical of this type of "relationship" and until very recently I was one of them.  Today, I can't begin to express how complete I feel just by knowing that somewhere out there, my sweet "stranger" is sitting right in front of his metal box....sharing the same amazing feelings with me!

So all I can say is that Ill be forever grateful to the "box" that made it all possible!

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7 Responses Apr 10, 2009

I feel just the same way, we have connected on so many levels, and share our deepest fears, and interests and just knowing someone out there really cares what I have to say, and truly connects with me...thanks for sharing I understand how you feel so much

The feeling is mutual, but I'm shy, so hopefully you know what I meant ;)

You just made me feel pretty amazing B_Cakes :)

Yep Yep... Lol.. I am glad that I'm not alone either.. :) Hugs girlies...

I am exactly the same and would never had thought it was possible.

You have taken the words from my mouth and head.. Yer description is pure perfection.. You have described exactly how mine and my sweethearts story began and where it stands now.. Thanx for sharing...

you have expressed in everyway how i feel, although its been more than 6 years since i met him online. but i never felt any less for him.......<br />
<br />
i am glad to know its not only me who is experiencing this<br />
<br />
thanks for joining the group and sharing this with us <br />
<br />
looking forward to read more of your thoughts and stories