The One I Love Is In Jail

the one i love is in jail ..... i couldn't believe it
he shot his friend my mistake
i swear to god it was a mistake alllll im in now is depression he's innocent i swear, people are talking **** about him saying that he it wasn't a mistake.
i couldn't cry because i think im in a dream im in a shock!!!!!!
u know that feeling when something big happens u don't know its real or a dream u can't cry? my heart aches me every time i remember that what happened it real, he's innocent but people won't believe they spread rumors.
but there's good people who believed he was innocent because they know who the real him! not people who just heard of him!! he's Oppressed
only god knows
he was holding the gun and when he shot the gun his friend showed up
only god know's his situation right know and only god knows the truth.
he might be killed because here if u killed someone u should be killed also but the one who was killed family's might forgive the killer and won't kill him.
it feels horrible saying he's a killer when all what he did is a mistake...
pray for him.. im in a complete depression..
sorry if u didn't understand some words im just so tired of thinking.
this world couldn't be more ****** up.
call me crazy i don't care i wish 21/12/2012 this the real end of the world.
because if u walk in my shoes you will wish the same.
and again he's innocent he's innocent he's innocent. and all what i said is true. because a lot in this world could happen more ****** up things could happen. :( :'(
NothingWithoutYou NothingWithoutYou
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012