Not Allowed Love

i need help,someone who can tell me what to do.everything was perfect i lived with him about a year,he loves me like crazy and i know it.but i never respected him and that's because of my character then we started arguing and then everybody was informed about that because of my open mouth.i shouldn't have told that to parents now don't want him because of me because i told them about our hometown is in another country and i have to go there for the new year,he is afraid that if i will go my parents will never let me come back again,he wants to marry me and i want this too.yesterday my father called and told me that if i won't go he will die{he has a heart problem}.for a week we haven't been together now we are again together because we can't live without each parents ordered
me to choose them or him.we found love in a hopeless place.please somebody tell me a solution.somebody who really understands me.:(
brokenheart1417 brokenheart1417
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

can someone please give an advice i'm in the middle of the edge,i can't live without him but i can't lose my parents.