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Hi I'm called Grace and I love somebody who is 20 years older than me, this might sound shocKing but I don't know... Well I live in Castleford, Leeds and there is a place called Xscape and I go there everY week rock climbing and I love one of the instructors! He always works on the days that I come so that's good but not all the time. You see, whenever I go away from rock climbing, I think about him constantly every night till about Tuesday, I go on Saturdays. He has blue hair and is very sexy I don't know if he has a wife but I am only 12 ... I go regularly so that's good but I cry about him after I have been climbing that night! I really don't know what to do tried to find him on fb and twitter but nothing just a picture of him on google... Please help me how do I get over these emotions? At first I just thought he was a weirdo with blue hair but now it's all changed I guess it's the teen hormones! Want to know him more like when I get to climbing I can say ' hey up Andy you alright today?' and give him a friendly hug. My dream would be that! Today he said to me ' oh it's you again! Are you called Grace' and I said yeh I'm coming back tomorrow and all'. Sounds really sad ino but thats good enough for me! That's when I got off the sky ride hanging obstacle course... well anyways I better cry again and see him in the morning btw he is the best instructor ever!!! Ily soooo much Andy more than words can say... Pity I can't tell you or my parents or anybody. Please reply somebody lxxxxxx
Gracebabyx Gracebabyx
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Do you fantasize about touching him?