Don't Judge My Love For A Married Man...accept Me For Who I Am

Its not that I condone this behavior or that I am here to argue the point of whether it is wrong or right. All I am saying is that stuff happens sometimes and you fall for people. I am love with my best friend, he is my soul mate and lover...he is also married. It is hard to move on from him and I have tried but have yet to find anyone like him who respects me and understands me the way he does. I know he loves his wife and loves me but I would never ask him to leave her and my point is NOT to break up a family. What we have is between us and not the rest of the people in his life. I am not dumb and know that he will not leave and that one day I will move on. But it is okay because even then I will always consider him a friend. He does for me what no one else will and thanks to him I got out of some horrible situations. Thanks to him he has raised my self esteem (who would of thought it). There are stereotypes for people like me...I am not here to argue those either or really even listen to them. Relationships are complex because we as humans are complex. We have been together on and off for a few years. Like his wife said to him, as long as its not thrown in my face I do not have a problem, that being said I only have one life and I love who I love without trying to hurt others. I regret nothing.
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well atleast your realistic

You are consicious of what you are doing and the potential consequences. That means you are willing to take responsibility for any unfavorable outcomes. So no judgement here. Trust yourself! that is all you need do.