I was instantly attracted to my hs English teacher the moment I walked into the lass room. I'm a fairly private person but I opened up to him like no other within months of school starting. We got fairly close and always got along well for a student teacher relationship. Mind you he is married with two beautiful children. I've been out of school for about 5 years now, and I still think about this man everyday. I get to see him once in a while when I muster up the courage to go back into that school and talk to him. Most of the time I don't remember what he says in detail because I'm too busy staring at his lips wondering if they would be as soft as they looked. I want to stare into his eyes for hours but when our eyes meet I get nervous. A part of me wants to tell him my feelings towards him but it an go one of two ways...He an accept this and act upon it himself...leaving me satisfied ;) but disappointed in him not being the amazing man I guess I've built him up to be...OR he can reject me leaving me heartbroken and even without contact with him again fearing that he would feel weird about the situation. But for some reason I feel that just even telling him my feelings might make me feel better in some way even if it was just the exchange of words. I see him in my dreams and lots of places I go during my days...Like I said not a day goes by where I don't think about him and what we could be. He has said some things to me in the past that has made me question his attraction to be being more then just one of his close older students...For example his wifes name is the same as mine..one day he told me this and I said "I didn't know that was her name" and his response.. "Yeah I guess its just something about that name" Is it me or did that mean something even a little bit.?? There's more I wrote it down somewhere now off to find it because I wont be able to handle not remembering....
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Its not David is it?