It Was Just!

i met a guy while riding back to my homestate on the greyhound bus. we talked about everything and we even shared some great kisses. i know he is married but they are separated, so we are now going out. i love him but i wonder if i am just a fool to play into his games. he makes me laugh, smile, and to feel wanted so yea... i felt so right all wrapped up in his arms and i loved hearing his voice and soon he should be moving in. but he is not only married for 3 years but has two little girls also... i don't want to be that mean lady that stole their daddy away. did i mention he is only 18... i am so afraid of what i am getting myself into.
lulumashay lulumashay
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 12, 2007

better think twice.

Hmmmm....three kids and only 18? That's kinda hard. How responsible is he?

good for you