I Am In Love With A Married Man

I am in love with Jeff J. Lockwood so much so that i can think of nothing else at all and he now hates me so i am beyond depressed. we are both married; however my marriage has been on the rocks for a very long time and his he said was based strictly on marrying for insurance purposes. he led me to believe he liked me just as much as i liked him several times and then several times indicated we should just be friends. we played this game for a month and then we nearly had an affair; all but, after which he stopped communicating with me. when i kept trying to get in contact with him for weeks he ended up having a policeman call me and ask me not to call anymore. we always had sooooo much fun together and enjoyed each others company but i believe his wife; or meal ticket-which i think is what she is; found out and he had to stop so he wouldnt lose her house and her income because he doesn't make that much. when my husband found out my life has been hell of course because i finally had to tell him that ive fallen out of love with him which has been happening for so long now and that i had real feelings for this guy. now i have to go to counseling with my husband whom i just want to leave and i love this other guy so much i cant stand it and he hates me because his wife found out and will never speak to me again. i sent a letter to him to give myself closure per a therapist but i dont want it closed. i just have to vent this because there is noone i can tell how very much i really do love this guy.

freshdaisys freshdaisys
41-45, F
Feb 24, 2010