In Awe...

This experience just happened to me last night. I had a few friends over to play Cranium and drink, and my friend  from work brought "Josh", one of his good friends who I've seen maybe two or three times. I've always thought hes adorable, but I knew he was married of course. Every time I had seen him we always ended up talking for a while because we just kind of clicked. Well last night we all were particularly smashed, and we were dancing and singing and having a blast. Then we decided to watch Will Ferrell and everyone started passing out. I was very drunk and planning on going to bed so I was giving everyone goodnight hugs...because everyone needs a good drunken goodnight hug :) And my roomate was like "Oh my hug was better" So I hugged Josh again and we just kind of held on to each other forever...and we were both just like "Look at how awesome this hug is! It's still going, still going!" And our faces were continuously brushing and he whispered in my ear how much he wanted me. I kind of kissed him on the cheek and then the hug ended. Well after that we went upstairs to check on his brother, but he wasn't up there and he ended up coming in my room and we started making out on my bed. It was basically the cutest, most romantic anyone has ever been with me. We were talking and he was like "I just love touching you, looking at you, you're beautiful Stephanie" and I proceded to tell him how I was very drawn to him since the very first time we met, and he said the same, how we just clicked. He told me he wishes he could fall in love with me and just through the time we had spent together he was already halfway there. We talked about everything, and it was beautiful. I started crying because I brought up his wife and he said that he wasn't sorry, because at that moment everything was perfect. And he would never forget it. It was all so surreal to me, I still can't believe it, the stuff we were saying to each other, it sounded like a movie script. I wish I could remember it exactly. But when he said "you are going to find someone amazing stephanie" It just crushed me. I feel stupid now thinking about how I cried. It just kind of reminded me of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind in the scene where she is sad because she thinks shes ugly, and she cries and he just whispers into her ear and holds her and says "you're pretty, you're pretty, you're pretty" It felt just like a moment like that, only better. Of course it just made me feel more emotional. He was telling me how he wanted to be my best friend, but his wife won't even let him hang out with his guy friends that much so I doubt this would happen. In my obvious stupidity I feel like somehow there is a chance. Just because he's only 22 and very young to be married. I just don't know what to do, it was such a strong experience for me I just can't forget it. As bad as it sounds I would love if it could happen again, again, and again. He is truely amazing and I still feel like I'm in this unbelievable afterglow.
lovehopelandic lovehopelandic
18-21, F
Nov 21, 2007