Change In Sexual Point of View

I like the others here have fallen in love with a married woman. In my past, I made many business trips to Mexico, i was married at the time to a white woman (I am white too) but I fell in love with  the dark featues of the mexican women and, how well they treat their men. I worked with an knew a beautiful mexican woman back here in the states, she has 5 children and like most traditional mexican women keeps herself in good physical shape and looks beautiful every day. I knew both her and her husband 5 years before i initiated sexual advances toward her, I believe the only reason i did so was because our company was closing, I never thought I would see her again and could not pass up on the fact that i had to at least try to be with her. I met with some resistance at first but, we have been together for 6 years, we see each other 3-4 time per month. We are in love as much as we can be, I know she does not want out of her marriage and also know having an affair with a white guy would ruin her within her family. I will never interfere with her "real" life, never.

When we were first together, I was not sure how I was going to react to her having sex with both her husband and I, somtimes it happens the same day within hours of each other.

My question to my counterparts, I now have begun finding out that it really turns me on to think of her with her husband, I have told her this and she is somewhat receptive to telling me about her sex life with her husband. I have always been a monogomous man but I am telling you here, this has really heightened me sexually to know I am sharing the woman I love with another man and that he desires her and makes love to her just like I do.

Is anyone else experiencing these desires? I have also taked to her about inviting another man into our room, she says that they may be going too a little too far. I then asked her if I set this up if she would leave and I all received was a "maybe". I just cannot shake the thought of watching her with another man. Our encounters together are the most intense experiences of my life.

Am I alone in this thought? Am I nuts? Is this affair screwing up my sense of reality? I would really like some input on this.



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1 Response Feb 16, 2009

I haven't had this experience, but have heard of men having fantasies about - or enjoying - watching a woman they are sexually involved with get it on with another man. It's probably a more common fantasy than people would think...