Let me just first start off by saying I am 20 and she is 34 we both in a retail shop, she has been married for 13 years and has 3 kids with her husband who is about 42 and I personally think he doesn't deserve, how someone like him managed to marry an amazing woman like her I will never know. I have always be a strong person I have never been attached to much before when it came to relationships. This all started off about a year ago I was going through a bad time and she had also been that person that listened, then one night before she left work she gave me her number I was over the moon because I could talk to her more and thought I could try sleeping with her, so a couple of months down the line I've been saying to her that I think she's the most amazing woman and that she's beautiful and so we start getting close, then one day after work I was walking her to her car and she kissed me she told me that she had never felt like this so strongly about someone before. So at our work Christmas party we slipt off and passionately made out in one of the lifts, few months down the line we started seeing each other more and more then one day she came round after work and slept together and my God sex with her is amazing, the only I hated about it is that she's her husband name tattooed on her waist. Couple of months down the line she told me she couldn't do this anymore so naturally I'm left heart broken then a week or so later we end up in bed again, we came to the agreement that we will always have feelings for each other and we will always be this close so then every time we had the chance we end up having sex. Now this has been going on for a year now she is currently away on holiday and has been for a week, she still has another week out there and left like a fool cause I just don't want to be with anyone else, I also got annoyed with myself because I sent her a message on Facebook last Thursday she's read it and had been a couple of times since then and I have no reply so I'm just worrying that she will come back and leave me with my broken feelings... I really don't know what to do :/
Sorry if there is any bad spelling or grammar.
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