How To Work Out A Marriage Between A Muslim Man And Christian Woman?

I'm a Christian girl and I'm in love with a Muslim man. I'm strong in my beliefs and he's strong in his beliefs as well. We really love each other. We're planning to get married and raise a family together. Of course not now, we're both still young. We had planned to work first and build a strong career stand first, before anything. I've been raised in a strict Christian family. My parents does not allow me to convert, which I agree with because I'm a Christian and Jesus is in me. I am firm with my decision of not converting to Islam. Now, I don't want him to be converting to a Christian too because if a person converts to a religion he/she does not believe in, it's a sin I believe. I've told him about this, and he's fine with it. Even his family are okay with me marrying their son, just as long as I am respectful to them and their religion, which I am. I just hope that my parents will be able to accept him as a part of our family one day. Because I know he's the only one that can make me happy and he's the one I really want to grow old with. And everyday, he never forgets to tell me that he feels exactly the same way for me. He's not pushy, he does not insist on what he wants but he's able to compromise with what we want. In able for us to get married but still keep our respective religion, we cannot get married in the Malaysia. So we've planned to migrate to our neighboring country, Australia, as it's a secular country. We will settle down and build roots over there. It was a tough decision as both our family are in Malaysia, but we're aware that if we do get married here, I must convert to Islam, as Malaysia is an Islamic country. As for our children, they will be born in Australia, and we will educate them with both our religion. Our children can then choose their religion when they reach the age of 18, and we both will respect their decisions. I believe with love, comes respect. And with honesty, our relationship can last forever.

The questions I wanted to ask is:

1) If anyone knows how can we register our marriage in Australia? Under what law? What are the steps?
2) Can we go back to Malaysia as a married couple for visiting purposes?
3) Is our plan possible?

We really love each other, and we're willing to lose our citizenship of our origin country just so that we can live together. We really need some advice on this matter, and I hope somebody can help us. But if you're going to tell us that this won't work and we should just break up, then I'm sorry but you're just going to waste your time, as we really really want this. Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you can give me some feedback.
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Salam !
I know this is not answering your questions
your future kids will be like a ship led by two captains !
Religion is the Values ​​and principles we are raised on,it fills our hearts and souls since the smoothness of our nails.
I want to remind that only one religion is true,may god guide you to the right path !
I wish a happy wedding for both of you,

Yes, I understand that our children will be nurtured with 2 different religions and it will be a very complicating situation for them. My fiancee and I will teach them the beauty of both our religions, but most important, is to respect both religions equally. I know both our religions don't have much similarity, but both religions definitely teaches the values of love, respect and trust, which actually are quite a necessity in our life. So, I think it's just fair that we allow our future children to have that freedom of choice. Thanks anyway for your feedback, raffyco. Peace back on you!