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This group was created by me, a rape victim/survivor. I wish I could change the title to Rape Survivor....but I can't.  Sorry,  =(

 It has come to my attention that those who are in relationships with Rape victims also need support!!  It isn't easy to be there when the flashbacks hit, or they flinch or pull away for what seems to you like no reason at all.  And that's just the tip of the "iceburg" here.  You need a place to vent your frustration, a place to seek adivice.

So please, post your stories, your questions and get the support that you need too!

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Hi Ms. CJ,<br />
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I had a great 3 weeks relationship with a girl whom i have fallen in love with. After a brief period of being in love I was excited to see where the relationship would lead. It seems that when feelings started to get real she confided in me that she loves making love with me almost everyday. Eventually she told me she was raped when she was 14 years old - her first sexual interaction.<br />
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She was raped by her uncle and she told me that she can't remember if she bleed that time but she felt it when it went inside her. The following days she was so restless and her v*g*n* was was hurt. She did not have any menstruation back then.<br />
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During our first love making, she bleed and was very hurt. Would it be possible for her to bleed even though it is not her first time? After I knew what had happened about her, I fell more in love and at the same time I feel pity about her. It feels like I am in dilemma now about my feelings.<br />
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How could I accept her despite her past experiences? She is now 18 years old. Thank you!

I hope so angel. I hope in time others will join and they can start to vent, seek help, and heal too. And as they do, so do we. That's the hope anyway....*hugs*

You too honey? Damn...I think most of my circle is a survivor. I belong to the group here for those who have been raped. If you ever feel like talking or venting or crying...just now, I'm here. <br />
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After talking with some people here on EP lately who are dealing with this, it just seemed fitting that the spouses/gf/bf also have a group they can get support from too.