I'm So New So Anyadvice/ Feedback Is Amazing! :d

Hey all : ) So I started dating my guy in May. He currently goes to the US Naval Acadmey. So pretty ( side note I know haha) Anywho, our story goes like this. In the end of March my friend said that her friend needed a date for his ring dance at the USNA. She asked me to go with him. I said yes but of course I was nervous. I heard a lot about those guys at that school. Some good. Some well not so good haha. We would go on little dates for about a month. He was such a nice guy. Pulling out my chair, paying opening doors, car doors. I felt like I was back in the 1940s living in The Notebook haha. So we go to the dance in May, I spent the weekend with him at a house his sports team rented. It was the best weekend of my life. I flew home that Monday ( I live in the North East and he lives on the West Coast) And he asked me out on the yard, he was in uniform it was so pretty, perfect. We've been in love ever since. Although the first 2 months we didn't see eachother : ( The first month he was at traning in VA then he went back home. But he left a week early to fly back to MD then drive to upstate NY to visit me just for 3 days. ( that's when he told me he loves me and all). My family loves him and it's perfect. He tells me that things will be hard, I won't get to see him a lot, he said if I wait for him, he will wait for me and that he never wants to lose me. I am so head over heels in love with my sailor. I get to see him tomorrow night! He has a few days off before the USNA owns his soul again haha so who knows what we will do but all I know is that the people at baggage claim tomorrow night in BWI are in for a sight when they see this blond chick run and jump into his arms. CAN'T WAIT!!!

_ I love this site. I'd love to meet more girls in my situation. And if you date someone who goes to the Naval Acadmey ADD ME! Because our boyfriend's don't go to normal colleges so no one gets me! :(
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thanks <3

just know when he does come back, it will make your relationship that much stronger!

your story is cute:) and my bf just left for a 9 month deployment. I know i have to be strong for him but this past week has been the hardest. I miss him so much. I just want him to come home safe so we can maybe start a future together. keep you head up girl. you can get through it