Im So Scared

i'm not sure how to handle this. my fiancee is leaving for basic on october 4 of 2010. and then he will be home for only 2 day before leaving for A School (he is going in for nuke tech) for a year and a half. and we want to get married soon but i'm only 17 and wont turn 18 til jan 22. i know it will disapoint my parents if i get merried so soon after i turn 18 but i love him so much. and we aren't sure how to do this.

this is the hardest thing i have everr done.  please if anyone has any advise, please give me some. even if its just little comments.

sabrae sabrae
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 6, 2010

Hi. My boyfriend leaves in August. I don't really have advise. But I read your story and I relate. I'm scared too..more scared than I have EVER been.