Im In Love With Him

I'm in love with a security guard that works for a diffrent school district and my friend sarah said that he's a pervert and everything cause she talked to him before but I don't even see him trying anything with me... does this mean my friends jealous that I can find someone and she can't? I'm just soooo skitish about him... but he says he loves me as well and he's glad I'm his.... we haven't even had sex yet... he's says whenever your ready... and I love that about him.... but sarah says watch he's gonna up and leave you... when your finshed and I said whatever.... but that's about it....
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

So how are things going with your security guard.

Tell Sarah to mind her own business.

I had a "crush" on a bike patrolman who works for the campus police at a university near my home. I call him "Kampus Kop." Unfortunately not much is coming out of that.