I Promise

Hearing you tell me tonight how much you need me, just makes me want to be there for you that much more. I'm sorry things aren't  going how you planned them but I promise it will all pan out for the best. I'm here for anything you need. I can't tell you I'll have the words to make it better but I'll give you my unconditional love and my ears to listen to everything you need to get off your chest. I hate hearing you disappointed and sad. I can tell when your sad,when you aren't smiling. Baby,all I want to do is make you happy;see that handsome smile. Make things better for you mi amor. If Boston is the outcome my love, I'll be there every weekend. It's you and me Jim. I promise you. Whenever your down,just remember you have a woman who loves you deeply,misses you dearly, whom will love you unconditionally eternally. <3

SotosGirl SotosGirl
18-21, F
Sep 6, 2012