He Is My Everything..

It all started the summer in 09, just like any story romatic story starts it was the basic flirting, exchanging of numbers then we started to date. I knew he was in the National Guard and I knew he was deployed but I firgured he would be done. A year flew by and now I am in the 2nd month of him being deployed. 
 It is actrally going by fast and he will before I know it. Least that is what people have been telling me. He hasn't left the states yet, but very soon he will be leaving, and I will have to deal with the stress of having a soilder actrally over seas. I know he will be safe because he has to come home and marry me. I am very lucky to be only 21 and finding the love of my life.
Its funny how we met, because we both had the same job, and started about the same time. I noticed he was 7 1/2 years older than I and graduated with my oldest brother. I knew it wouldn't work, but little did I know a year later we will be still together stronger than ever.
Please keep the men and women who is fighting for our country and for people who have loved ones over there, Skype helps! It makes them feel not far away. 

chucky8908 chucky8908
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2010