Im In Love With My Bible Teacher

So i go to a Christian school. I have a male teacher for bible which is my 4th period class. Im in love with him, and im very sure hes in love with me too. So he is constantly putting hos hands on me. Not inappropiately! Just on the shoulder, hands, arms, and back. I have 100%in his class all the time, if not more. We talk about everything. Literally, EVERYTHING!!! Were such great friends!! We hang out before school, after class, and after school. He looks at me all the time during the whole class, and he calls on me every other time. I also shouldve gotten a few detentions this year from him. But he would never punish me that severely. He even said we have a great relationship!!! Ive hugged him like every day!! He compliments everything i do!!! Please leave a comment and tell me wat u think!!! Doeshe love me or not? And what should i do? Its so confusing ={
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 11, 2013