I Kissed My Best Friend....

So I kissed my transgender friend that I have crushed on for over a year. He is gay and I have known this for a while. I have fought my urges for so long, well i should have fought harder. I kissed him while we where hanging out and he kissed back. He left for college this morning but hasnt talked to me at all....I dont know if I messed up or if it was his feelings or if i destroyed our friend ship forever
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2012

sweetheart, the ones who commented on this before me really do know best.<br />
but best advice is to remember, in this case, it really is not about you. your friends is going thru alot of very confusing and socially difficult issues.<br />
the best thing you can do is be patient and supportive. your friend will come back around.

not clear if your friend is mtf or ftm and when you say gay that takes on a different connotation as a transgender could you give a little more detail keep your chin up hun and try not to worry, it can be fixed. were you a friend purely because of your attraction? or have you been friends before you felt this way. you could if it is apparent that you have scared him explain that you are attracted but that your friendship is more important, communication is so important, the lack of it ruins marriages and friendships alike

I love you<br />
And I love this kind of girls

did he say anything after you kissed him?? details...details...details