My Heart Knows No Boundaries

to look at me you would think i was just a 40 something suburban housewife. but im not. ive been a single mom for years. two failed marriages and one failed lesbian relationship. so when i decided to start dating again i wasnt looking for anything specific. obviously i couldnt choose well. so i left it up to fate and god.

so in walked my new best friend into my place of work.  he was the fist man in years that i could trust.  then six months later after hearing about him for so long i finally met his other best friend. the connection was there immediately, undeniable, almost tangable.

i already knew sandy was a crossdresser.  it never bothered me. but as sandy found acceptance and love from me she came out more and more.  she is still at the beginning stages.  Sandy is actually afraid of the happiness she could find because of the cost.  But  I have decided to be strong and patient for her.  I know we will find happiness together.



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Excellant. I wish you the best of luck.

My husband is transgender. We've been going through councelling for about a year now. At first, it was odd. You know, the stares one gets when one is considered "not normal". But it's funny. (S)he's transitioning at work and alot of people knew the other life before (her). Yes, there are people who have nasty comments and people who say it's a sin against God. (And if it is, isn't that God's place to judge?) She's been on hormones for about 4 months and has been enduring electrolysis for longer than that. I can't imagine NOT being with her as she is the person I love even if her body IS changing. I sometimes become uncomfortable in crowds when we're together (our therapist says that I am looking for a fight that may or may not come---but that I want to be ready to defend my love, etc.). But to be fair, I am uncomfortable in crowds when I am by myself or out with our 17 year old son!

I am also a divorcee. I was married for 25 yrs., two children. We were making each other miserable. I don't know what really happened. And then I met this man at work. We started going to breaks together, talking after work and one thing led to another.<br />
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Well, HE decided that before it went any further I should know he was transgender. I had already fallen hard. The chemistry was WHOA from the beginning. So I decided, you know, I already love you as you. You being transgender doesn't change anything about that. YOU are YOU.<br />
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Well we lived together from Sept.08 to June 09. Her mom decided we were living in sin, so we could no longer live together in her house.<br />
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Diana had lost her dad. Sept.08, around labor day. It was okay with both of her parents at the time, that I move in.<br />
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Well now I am completely devestated. I am no longer with this person who is my soulmate. Because of someone else's prejudice. Just because they don't understand why, well neither does Diana. She doesn't understand why she's in a mans body. And why can't we be together, just because some think its wrong. <br />
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I want more than anything to be back with my beloved Diana.

I thought mine wouldn't escalate, and this very verile man over a period of 12 months did until I didn't recognize he/she. I'm devestated to have to leave the relationship. Am in thereapy as it has caused me much grief as I mourn my man.

Hi, I always tell my kids go and exsperience the world, life is short. As long as you don't do anything illegal, and you don't hurt anyone anyway. So if your happy -great, go for it, if people can't except you , and your relationship, well there are not worth being around. They are not your friends anyway! Alot of men and women are to afraid to be a little different -step out of the box. Well your friend seems to be in tune with himself. That takes courage and confidence. Be happy , life is short, enjoy today, live, laugh, dance and love! Take care!

Good for you Hope that it all works out for you I use to say that the heart wants what it wants I think its perfect you need to find that person who speaks to your soul

Good Luck with your new relationship. It can be as deep and as wonderful as you both decide to make it. Follow your heart on this!