He Is My Everything!

My husband is a post-op Transman and I have loved every thing about him from the day I met him. I would not change my realtionship in anyway. I have been asked so many times "don't you wish he was just born a man" or "why didn't you just get with someone who was born a man"  I didn't fall in love with his sexuality or gender I fell in love with him, his spirit, It was the most pure feeling I had ever experienced. it has not been easy as I was raised in a catholic home and my parents have not spoken to me from the day I told them I was in love with him. I would give up every person I have ever known just to be with him tho we have been married for six years and I just can't wait till tomorrow so we can start another day in our life together.

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wow that's great. I think you give me hope.

I hate that people judge like that...happyness between couples is so rare....I say when you find it you should go for it with all you have. People are jealous because you can tell when people are happy together. It doesnt matter what people say...you guys and how you feel for each is all that counts. Love and blessings on your relationship.

You sound like the happiest woman on earth.....something must be going right!! :)

I love romantic love stories, especially when the are real. I'm happy for you two and so glad you have each other and are happy:)

I'm a transman, and I'd be the luckiest guy on earth if I was able to find a woman who's extremely supportive like you are. <br />
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You two deserve the best the world can give you :)<br />
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Stories like this make me happy and believe that there is still hope.

Thank you so much for sharing your story! It's great to hear how in love you are!

Thankx Hun ^_^

thats so sweet good for you. I hope you guys have a long and happy life together

It is nice that you met someone and fell in love with someone that is different.