Im New At This.

So im only 16 and im having to deal with my boyfriend being in the army. We've only been together 7 months but it seems like so much longer. He gave me a promise ring and swears one day he will marry me... couple months later he leaves for the army. He's only in Basic right now and it hasnt even been a month that hes been gone but it seems like sooo much longer.I find that everything reminds me of him and im always sad and depressed. Nobody im around understands what im going through and my friends are tired of me being no fun. I cant explain to them how i feel. I know for sure he's the one i want to be with so i can make it through all the waiting. it just gets really hard some days. I wont see him again in over 2 months. We write in letters but he still hasnt gotten mine. Its been forever since Ive heard his voice and i wish i could just hear it. It would make me feel so much better. Tomorrow is his birthday :/ i wish i could tell him happy birthday but I'm sure he knows that i would if i could. Any help?! I dont know the best way to deal with this. Im pretty sure moping around isnt going to help at all.

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Are you still a couple? How did you go through this tough time?