My Baby Boy Is Leaving Next Week! Advice Please!

I haven`t realized this until last week when we happened to talk about future plans and marriage!

He is my private student (only turning 16 next month!) and we have been doing language lessons since March (ironically, the exact same time I broke up with my then boyfriend). Ok, I just turned 28 so it`s really a crazy 12-year-gap! And until this time, I am still technically his teacher He will be studying in Geneva and will fly on friday I know what I`m feeling is not anything crazy but he really inspires me in many ways and I can also tell that he likes me too! He wanted me to drop by the shop he used to work at (part-time) on Saturdays but I never really thought about it because from the start, I knew that he is just a boy I have to teach in preparation for his studies abroad. There are so many things we can talk about as if there`s 0 gap. We laugh like good friends and sometimes he would even tease me like a girl In short regular meetings from March up to now, I know that we have created something special... something that never in my wildest dreams I`d ever imagined myself to be!

It was only recently that I  keep on thinking about what he said. That he believes that marriage should only be once and permanent and he believes that not money but love in the marriage is the only thing that can bring lifetime happiness. And when he was saying that to me, there was this incredible feeling that I sensed from him. I know he was trying to tell me something. He even said he thinks 20 years old is a good age to marry especially if he already found the `one`. I even argued with it a bit because I said, a certain maturity is necessary in marriage. He just said that if the person is right for you, things will go well with you both no matter what.

I was impressed by his character because his parents are REALLY rich but he is very humble and values love, quality time within the family and marriage as the best keys to happiness in life. He loves studying and loves music a lot too, like me!

If only he weren`t too young, this could have been all perfect.

He is leaving on Friday. I`ll only be seeing him twice next week....

I want him to have at least a clue that I like him and I would certainly be happy to keep in touch with him... but I dunno... This would probably sound insane because from next week, we will not only be separated by years but by time and the lonely miles of lands and seas...

Would appreciate your advice...
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Thats so sweet!! Have u seen him since then? 2015

If he is meant to be with you he'll be back. Just live your life and remember the times you two shared...

Thanks for reading my story. <br />
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It has been 9 months now since I last saw him but I still think a lot about him wondering how he has been. We never had any romantic relationship, only those deep talks and I didn't show him any obvious signs of romantic interest. I only gave him my email as I would to any other student who has become friends with me. Well most of my students know my email.<br />
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Anyway, he is turning 17 soon and I have no idea whether we are going to see each other again anymore because I am quitting my job by the end of the month due to environmental hazard reasons.<br />
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Still, I am very happy to have found him even just once in my life :) I'd lie to you if I'd say I have no hopes of ever seeing him again in the future...

Thanks for a very sensible advice! I know that it`s the same thing I`d tell myself if I weren`t me. <br />
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Well, it has been exactly 3 weeks now since we last saw each other. But things haven`t change except of course, I would like to get in touch with him. Then only this Monday, I talked to a colleague and trusted friend about this. She told me that she learned from his mom that in his boarding school, they will not be allowed to use their own computer on their first year. And that only their families can call them.<br />
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I gave him my skype name before he left and I don`t understand why he didn`t tell me he won`t be able to go on skype... ;(<br />
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I`m sad but I`m still happy we became good friends and was able to talk lots. Yeah, maybe this is just a crazy crush thingy and that at my age now, I`m still very idealistic... :(