I Still Can't Believe It.

It's been 6 months since we've been together and I can honestly say I'm in love after a long time of not being. When we first met I thought he was 30 but then he told me he was 25. I was just in for some summer fun anyways so I said to hell with it. We begin spending every weekend together and when it came time for summer to end I tried to end it. He didn't really let that happen. I'm s a 34 y.o recently divorced (2yrs) mother of two and didn't really think I could fall for a younger man. I've always liked them older, I guess so that they could take care of me in a sense but after my divorce from a 10 year marriage I didn't find myself needing that man to take care of me anymore. I wanted someone who had energy, a zest for life and was capable of handling me mentally. Boy, did I meet just that. He could match my wit any day. But I was always intrigued by how youthful he sounded on the telephone and how much older he looked in person. We share so many common interests and love children. We laugh and play all the time. All he asked for was for me to love him and that I do. He's easy going and so thrifty. I bought him an expensive outfit for his supossibly "25th" birthday. He loved it however some items didn't fit so we went back to the department and he made me return everything except some socks. He stated that although he loved everything "We weren't in that position yet to be spending money like that," and gave me a kiss on the forehead. It was so sweet. We never ask one another for more than we can give and he treats me like a princess. We respect the age difference and let one another be.
His birth certificate recently became available and so I found out that he had just made "24". He had been 23 the whole time we were getting to know one another. He went through so much to hide his age in fear of losing me. We had some blow outs because I just knew he was hiding something. But that is all behind us now.
I swear the man acts and behaves so much older than I. He wears old suits and speaks so eloquently when he wants to. I tell him all the time that he could fool people.  He reassures me all the time that he will love me forever, kisses, me convinces me and makes me feel so secure. I'm convinced at this point.
I don't feel like a cougar or a cradle robber. People can barely tell I'm older. I
love him so much and I pray that this is meant to last.
1 Response Nov 14, 2011

Great story; I'm 32 and my BF is 22. Never, ever thought I would end up with him either!