What My Relationship With A Younger Man Did To Me

I fell in love with a younger man.  15 year age gap it lasted 6 years.  He is now 29 and I am 44.  He already had 2 children from t a previous relationship when I met him.  I have no children.  (Usually the other way around in age gap relationships).  He broke my heart.  He left me for another woman who is 21 years old.  Would I do it again.  I'm not sure.  The pain at the end was unbearable.  In my two previous 7 year relationships (One was the same age as me the other was 7 years older) before him I was the one that left so it is probably the first time I have experienced the pain of being left for another woman.

I have tried to go out and date again but I don't find myself attracted to men my age or older anymore.  This sux as I am sure I would feel much more secure in a relationship with someone my own age or older.  I just don't find them sexually attractive.
I am starting to resign myself to the fact that I will probably be alone for the rest of my life with maybe a few flings with younger men since my attraction to men that can provide me with a stable relationship is now zero.  
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It sounds like you still need time to heal. I have the same fears as you

so what happened? did you eventually get over it plzz let me know

oh boy do i feel you on this one let me tell you! ive never been dumped or had my heart broke quite as bad this is the first and probably the last time i will feel like this and i agree i cant be attracted to older men either llll

Life got to go on en u just nid to open ur heart.

I dated a younger man,(13 year age difference) I wasn't in love with him but it was the first time I had feelings for a man since i was married. I told him I had feelings and was a total ******* to me about it. I was more upset that I had feelings and got hurt that anything.

i hear ya, i went through something similar, with a younger woman a few years ago, i was 34 she was 24 (the odd thing is i normally go for older women! lol) but anyway yeah she left me for a dude her age and it nearly destroyed me! i felt so inadequate and past it, that feeling of i couldnt make her happy because i was older...yeah that hurt! :/ but life go's on hey ...time to move on :)<br />
if you only find younger guys attractive maybe you should try compromise (relationships are all about compromising) try find someone who is a little younger (not 15yrs younger) who is mature and committed , that way hopefully you still find him attractive and you can feel secure in the relationship. :)