Lucky In Love

I am in love with a young man. He's 19 and I'm 21, so admittedly there isn't a huge age difference but still. I like it, I call him my toyboy and he calls me a cougar (all in good fun) and I can honestly say I've never been with anyone so fun and interesting, he's also, surprisingly, one of the more mature guys I've dated. He plays guitar, performs magic tricks for me and works so that he can live away from home, which is a lot more than quite a few of my previous older boyfriends have managed (I'm talking 24, on the dole, doing **** all with their lives and 22, living at home and not interested in gaining some independence).
Being with him has made me realise that age means nothing, in all honesty. What's importance is someone's personality and maturity, whatever their age. I love him and I'm proud to admit it :)
Sinsirr Sinsirr
18-21, F
Mar 19, 2012