I've Been Hiding My Feelings

We met... he's wonderful. I'm 24 and he's 19. I try to act like I don't have any feelings. He is young of course and like another lady had mentioned I'm scared that he's too young and he'll want to date others before he settles down. At this point, I'm a single mom and I'm not looking for marriage but I'm not into dating around.  We've spoken about it in roundabout ways and he's acting like he's ready, but at the same time says the way I make him feel scares him.  So he's definitely feeling his own pretty intense feelings. I guess there are no guarantees, I'm just not in the mood for heartbreak. Then again, who is?
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3 Responses Jun 19, 2007

I am in a similar but much worse situation. I am 31 and he is 19. There are very intense feelings between us, but I think that it's a bit risky with such a young man, especially if he is attractive. Personally, I can not plan anything because I am much older than my boy, but maybe it can work out in your case, only if his feelings and intentions are sincere. I think that if you are both willing to do it, you should give it a try because later you might feel sorry for not doing it. Maybe everything will work out just fine. I hope you end up together eventually.

I've had a similar experience... I'm 23, and 3 and a half years older than him. It seemed perfect at first, but then you realize that he's in a different place in life than you are... that's not to say that you can't enjoy eachothers' company, but he is going to need to experience everything a 19/20 year old guy should experience. otherwise if he settles down now, it might come back to him later and he'll end up having to fulfill that need when he's older (and that would suck for the girl he ends up with). make sense? It's a hard thing to accept when you have such strong feelings :/ believe me i know...

It's a hard choice. It sounds like he hasn't been in a serious relationship before. It can work if both of you are in the same place emotionally and in what you are looking for. I hope everything works out for you.