The Trouble With Love

Falling in love with a beautiful handsome 25 yr old should be no big deal for a sexy 31 year old woman right? It was a wonderful beginning. I thought he was truely unique and amazing. I thought we would have a worldwind romance that might last forever... So what went wrong? Everything..... His friends got jealous and he got afraid they didnt like me... He liked someone else and I broke up with him to date somone else.. He broke up with her and realized he liked me after all.... I dumped my boyfriend to go back out with him but things had happened while we were broken up.. Things he didnt like... He wont let these things go and while I love him still as much as I did February 2006, he thinks I am a liar and a cheat. I swore my life-long devotion to him. He ignored me, so I broke up with him. I went on ONE "date" to a concert with a guy friend and HE WENT CRAZY---- now i am a BIGGER liar then before.... LOVE SUCKS!!! Oh ya... I am 32.... And He is 26.... HIgh school anyone???

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Well, I'll make you two cents richer still. I don't believe age is that big a factor, especially as you get older. My ex-wife is more six years older than me, and we got along fabulously. What made our relationship work, really, is that I'm the oldest of eleven siblings (my dad remarried), while she's the youngest of five. So, for the longest time, we really got out of the other what we'd learned while growing up. It's just coincidence she's older than me. It was never a factor in our romance. <br />
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Whatever drives your male-friend to behave the way he does is his own problem. You can't fix it. Nor should you feel the need to put up with it. I realize I'm commenting on an older post, so my advise is probably too late. Nonetheless, do not drive yourself crazy with him. If he's being that unreasonable, leave him in the dust. It won't kill either one of you, though it hurts, I know. Us guys are like used car lots, you know? We aren't that hard to find, and there's plenty of us to go around. You deserve a good make and model, though. You'll know it when you find it. Don't let the salespeople convince you what you should be driving.

Dearest Mapleman.... <br />
I am not the typical mature female.. I was beaten by my father as a child and had a drunk for a mother... I somehow survived but never grew up..... I am a little girl inside... But I have the relationship experience of an old woman... I need a younger man to "appeal" to the crazy things I like to do like drink and laugh and listen to music til the sun comes up..... I have tried older men... they all seem tainted... or too know-it-all--- except for YOU of course!!!!

Yes--- true-- thank you for the cents......He drives me INSANE.....daily.... hourly..... madly... deeply.... Im a mess!

through life experience, ive found that age makes a difference, tis a factor, not the only factor, but one that seems to count .. obviously theres location and past and thougths and things in common, out of common, etc, but age seems to be quite a generally big pointer of connection .. now i am 2 cents less .. (this is from my experience, and no, not everyone has had the same experiences and or opinions)