Kiss With A Fist

He's all I have,
I'm it, for him.

It's what makes us so TOXIC,
And forgives us all our sins.

My friends all know.
His do as well.

My bruises have
their own story to tell.

My mother knows.
His grandma frowns.

Our empty excuses,
Make their rounds.

He needs me here,
To keep him sane.

I need him here,
To do the same.

Both of us are broken,
Shards up and down an edge.

So that when we came together,
We didn't notice that we bled.

When anger strikes: I'm gone.
I claw wildly for his soul.

He calms me everytime though,
Kissing me down into his armfold.

When jealous strikes: He's Satan,
With impacts he himself would not believe.

But I wait, terstained, in the bathroom,
Because I'll never ever leave.

Who is the abused, in a story like ours?

When the pain and hatred bind?

Just trust us, we're better together... don't want to see either of us out of our mind.

TheRamblingRose TheRamblingRose
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 21, 2012

while this is's very're way too young to live your life like this...i felt stuck in an abusive relationship as well, so i get know the 'but' is know what you have to do ..