Want To See Him!

so its been a long time since i was on here. alot has changed. to start things off, im engaged! and the wedding is this july.
ive just gotten back from nebraska. i went to see my fiance over spring break and it was amazing. we went to the zoo, out to eat and i even threw my fiance a surprise birthday party. he loved it :) but all is good, just missing my airman. how is everyone else doing? my fiance has been in the AF for almost 3 years and we've been together for that long too. (we started dating 3 months before he left for basic) but my fiance proposed to me on christmas day, infront of his family. it was perfect. i hope everyone is doing well!!

maegeneral maegeneral
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1 Response Apr 26, 2011

I'm doing well this morning. Can't complain to much. Glad you got to see him and spend some much needed time together. Congrats on the engagement!!! I hope you get to see him again soon.