The Roller Coaster That Landed Me With My Best Friend And Airman..

I have a crazy past full of lots of interesting details and some things that I am far from proud of. When I was 14 I got pregnant with my daughter. I decided to keep my baby girl and be the mom she deserved..I  had planned to stay in school and did so through my tenth grade year. A few months after I had returned to school a ROTC instructor came class to class recruiting people for a physical fitness team known as the Raiders..well ladies we all know we like our bods to be cute so I of course joined :) It was fun..after feeling left out of the world and losing so many friends...I made new friends and life long bonds with so many people..amongst those people was my good friend Derrick. We were friends all through was me, him, and another friend of ours that would always hang out and go to movies...we just had a blast together. I always knew Derrick was the sweetest most pure hearted man I knew among this earth and I just loved him dearly and wished the best for him. Throughout the years I knew Derrick had one goal, he wanted to enlist in the Air Force..he was raised in the Air Force and it is what he wanted to do. We stayed in touch over the years and he would randomly pop into my office on weeeks when he came home from Honor Guard and surprise me with lunch. I never thought much of it..he was just my friend and I was at the time involved in a four year relationship. Derrick was always a gentlman and never came on to me or anything like that...he just enjoyed my company and I his. I always loved the fact that I meant enough to him, that he never forgot this country girl so far away from all of his potential...and when he screwed up the passion that ignited in my chest for him was fierce..but he wasn't angry..he knew I loved him and wanted nothing but the best for him. Again, this is the love of two dear friends..Well this past year I left my relationship of years and years due to just years of issues..Derrick happened to pop up as he often does and we went to lunch and had a good ole time :D I will never forget what he asked me later that night, "We should do that again." And I was like "Yeah we should get Aaron (our other friend) in on it too!" He was like "No, I mean just me and you." I was flabbergasted...DERRICK wanted to date me?! NO way! Apparently he had been interested for years but always kept it to himself due to me being in a relationship. Something I give him mad props for even to this day. I struggled with this though. I loved him he was one of my best and dearest friends..He is such a GOOD person and on some days I didn't believe this of myself..I finally agreed to casually date him and we would see what would come of it..and wow is all I can say. He is something of an amazing man!  He has totally captured my heart in ways I didn't know possible! We work together so well and just have a bond like you wouldn't believe...He is amazing with my daughter and supports my dizzy emotions of a solo parent so well..a kindness I could never repay. Things aren't always peachy...but neither of us would rather go through life with anyone else. An outcome I never thought imaginable...I am so blessed to have him in my life. I think we both had much to achieve before we were ready for each other..and we have both accomplished a lot. He has his career and I have mine and college.  Some days I worry because of the obstacles that his career will bring into our lives..but I know if we continue to love, communicate, cherish, and work together we can over come these things and share a beautiful happy life together. I love my airman he is my rock and I am his foundation together there is nothing we can not weather! So this is my sweet fairy taleish story...and I know I can and will endure anything for him, for our family, and for our love!

shortymason shortymason
18-21, F
May 9, 2011