In Love With An Empath.

i never understood the abilites of an empath until i meet my gentlemen friend.  He always knew when I need to hear from him or if i was walking through something.  The more I was around him the more I could start to feel him.  For instantance, one night I woke up at 2:30am and was missing him so much.  But honestly I wasn't going to call him it was late, so I rolled over and let memories flash through my mind.  With in 3 minutes of me waking up missing him he called me and asked me why I was up.  He said he felt an energy rush through him from me.  I was amazed, I could never imagine anyone having these senses.  As time grew on our connection grew stronger to were i was able to feel him if he was feeling something strong.  I learned never to question his feelings, everytime he had a nervous feeling he would advise us just to stay home.  He was right everytime.  He has allowed me to open my eyes to the different abilites he has.  The love we share is so strong because of his gift.  I could never imagine love like this.

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Thanks, it is very sweet. I can't even explain the connection we have on an emotional level. Its an awesome feeling.

Wonderful story. It's so romantic that he's able to show you his abilities through his love for you. Very sweet.