My True Love

I met Bub when I was 19. He is the brother to my best friend's fiance. I will never forget the first time I seen Bub. It was a cold February day, I was sitting in the back seat and he was sitting in his truck. Wearing dirty blue jeans, a hoodie, and boots untied. I had never seen anything more glorious than that in all of my 19 years. I was completely lost for words. When my friends introduced me all I could manage was a weak hi. That was the where the beginning of the end begun.

By May we were inseparable. I had been told by Bub's parents that he was a recovering addict and I was going to stand by his side come hell or high water. I supported him in everything that he did. I refused to be his enabler. We would argue and fight but by the end of the night we had apologized and made everything okay. I honestly believe that at 19 I had truly felt what love really was.

By November I had lost him. I lost him before I ever really had him. He started using heroin again. I have never been more scared than when my friend called me and told me that Bub was being rushed to the ER for an overdose, they wasn't sure he would make it, they had lost him 2 in the ambulance. But I knew my Bub would pull through. He had too.

2 years later and I am still in love with him. He is still using and I don't know that he will ever stop. We haven't been together since that November when he overdosed. We still talk and sometimes hang out. He has moved on to another relationship but I can't let myself. I keep telling myself that he will stop using and we will be together.

I see his face in the sun, I hear his laugh in the wind, I dream of him, and I will always love him.
ripleychick09 ripleychick09
Dec 11, 2012