I Love Him.

Its been the toughest year and nine months of my life and more to come. I really do love him, hes put me through alot but I just cant seem to let go. I know Im young and I got my whole life ahead of me, but I just cant imagine my life without him. He is getting sentenced December 5th, and then he should be getting transferred in a few weeks. Im so scared and worried, I just want him home already. ( His sentence is for 12 years ) Hopefully he gets half the time. Which he tells me he is. Well its hard coping and just getting through my days but I know our relationship is getting stronger and I want to show him that I am not going to leave his side. People jugde him just cause he is in there, no he is not some type of weird creature. They dont understand that everyone makes mistakes, and they all deserve a second chance. I sure gave him a second chance, he has changed alot since hes been in there. He has proved to me in so many ways that he does want our relationship to last. But not having someone that supports me and helps me through this time kills me it always seems to bring me down. I am willing to stand by his side for as long as it takes. Advice is gladly needed. Thanks
candesbabyy candesbabyy
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

if you have a facebook and need ppl to talk to i have this page for women who have someone who is locked up its called I Lve And Miss My Inmate, fill free to check it out its drama free anyone is welcome :)